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Booking Process

The Customer has made flight booking(s) through travelymes.com.

The Customer fills the details as instructed on the Website.

Customer authorizes www.traveltymes.com and/or its consolidator(s) to charge their debit/credit card, as detailed by them, for the amount accepted by them, as quoted by "Travel reservation experts" of "Travel Tymes LLC."

Customers understand that there will be one or more than one charges on their Credit / Debit card, together it equals the amount accepted by them.

Customer accepts, on his reply email and / or SMS and / or on recorded phone line the following details:

Their Debit / Credit Card details, i.e., Number, Issuing Bank Name, Issuer:

Master/Visa/American Express/Discover, Name as on the card, Valid through, billing address, and security code.

The booking reference number (PNR), passenger details, and travel itinerary are detailed.

Customers will be notify by text message and email for their booking details


Review the confirmation message with the following details: names, dates, flight numbers, airlines, and routing, including all airport charges. If Customer finds any error immediately, contact us on info@traveltymes.com within four hours from the time booking was completed.

If Customer failed to contact the email address, they could contact us on customer care contact number within four hours of completing the Booking.

Travel Document

It is the sole duty of the Individual to ensure that valid travel papers, such as identification documents, passports, visas (including transit visas), etc., are in possession of them. The Customer acknowledges that Traveltymesshall shall in no way be found responsible in the event of an inability to travel for not having legitimate travel papers.

Customers agree that the information (if any) offered by Traveltymes about travel documentation is only advisory in nature and can not be deemed to be definitive. The customer shall ensure that the travel criteria are reviewed with the respective airlines of the respective jurisdictions where the User may transit through or wish to visit.


Both prices are subject to availability and can be removed or changed without warning. The rates quoted are subject to adjustment at any point before full payment is collected from the Customer and the tickets released. Market adjustments can arise due to circumstances outside our control, which raise the cost of tickets or services. Despite this adjustment in values, Travel Tours retains the ability to reclaim the relevant subcharges to pay for foreign currency volatility, changes in the different exchange rates, petrol costs, the interest rate on holiday loans, and the like, if any.


Customers are aware that most of the airline tickets are 100% non-refundable. In certain cases, where the airline may allow cancellations, a credit may be given towards a future ticket purchase by the same airline's same traveler. When they are ready to make their new Booking and wish to use their airline credit, they will be required to pay fare difference (if any), applicable airline penalties, and any applicable post-ticketing fees of www.traveltymes.com, website of Traveltymes LLC. They know that each airline's fare rules govern all such changes, policies, and procedures, which are not under the control of www.traveltymes.com / Travel Tymes LLC, and they will assist a customer in locating their desired new available flights and attempt to re-book the new flights based on availability and other factors.


Customers know that all Credit cards and bank transfers must have a verifiable US or Canadian billing address. All bookings and fares are not guaranteed until ticketed by the supplier.

The credit note issued by the airline has a specific expiration date, after which it cannot be used. They have a limited period offer.

Customers are also aware that all such bookings where the cancellation may be permitted must be canceled prior to the first flight segment's scheduled departure time.

When they authorize their credit or debit card for a purchase, www.traveltymes.com / Travel Tymes LLC may request an authorization for the amount of their anticipated transaction (placing a temporary "hold" on the funds).

Payment must be made in full with a valid credit or debit card at the time of booking. Traveltymes accepts all major credit or debit cards with a verifiable billing address. Customer hereby authorize Traveltymes and its authorized third party to process the charge to the credit or debit card. You provide us with the total amount of your Booking.

The Customer can expect www.traveltymes.com / Travel Tymes LLC to use stringent safety measures for credit card payment processing.


Traveltymes withhold and takes full care of not allowing the Customer to purchase or sell the Booking at inappropriate rates in case of any device mistake or technical problems on the Website.

After all the problems have been rectified and cross-checked, Traveltymes will remind you of the correct price, which will lead users to NOT have any transactions on incorrect reservations made at adjusted rates and to have reservations only at profitable rates.


Any of the goods, facilities, and content offered on the Travel Platform are supplied by third parties (the "Business Providers"), including air carriers, hotels, car rental agencies, cruise lines, tour guides, insurance firms, and some of the other suppliers offering travel and other facilities. Any of the applications and data used on the Travel Site is also the Service Providers' proprietary property and/or their third-party service providers and distributors.


When using the Site, you ensure or represent that you are of reasonable legal age to use the Site and build legal arrangements with any responsibility. You will appear to control both terms and use of the Webby minors by name and gender. You also warrant that all information exchanged by you and your co-members is valid and per government ID. It would help if you remembered that you, yourself, are responsible for all the uses that you make on our Platform and those that use your name or identity. We maintain the right, at any time and for any reason, to refuse entry to any individual to the Travel Site, including without limitation for infringement of these rights.


The services, materials, and other uses you use on the travel site are at your own expense. The services offered on the travel platform are offered on an "as is" and "as is" basis.


Service providers are private contractors, not staff or representatives of Traveltymes. Traveltymes shall serve exclusively as a sales agent for the service providers and shall not be responsible or liable for any actions, mistakes, omissions, claims, guarantees, or liabilities on the part of any other service provider or for any personal injury, disability, material harm or loss or other costs or expenses arising therefrom. Traveltymes shall not make any refund in the event of any pause, termination, overbooking, strikes, acts of war, crime, sickness, or any other cause outside its own control, and Traveltymes shall not be liable for any extra expenses, omissions, disruptions, rerouting, acts or omissions of any government entity. The fact that Traveltymes includes or offers any product or service on the travel site does not mean Traveltymes is supporting or recommending such a product or service.


Your computer equipment or other property shall be impaired by your access to, use, or viewing the travel site or by uploading any content, documents, text, photographs, video, or audio from the travel site by the User and shall not be owned or held responsible by Traveltymes or service providers.Traveltymes or any service contractor shall not be responsible for any expenses, injuries, lawsuits, negligence, or any extraordinary, exceptional, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any sort (including, but not limited to, loss of earnings or loss of savings), whether contract-based, Strict liability or otherwise arising out of or in some way connected with (a) some use of the travel site or the material found therein, (b) any malfunction or delay (including, but not limited to, the use or malfunction to use any part of the travel site for reservations or tickets) or (c) the performance or non-performance of Traveltymes or any service provider; And if that party has been notified of the risk of liability to such parties or to some other party.

Where, despite the foregoing, Traveltymes or any Service Provider is liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in any way connected with any of the functions or uses mentioned above of the Travel Site or its contents, the liability of each of traveltymes In any case, service providers shall not exceed, in sum, the higher of (a) the transaction fees paid for your transactions on the Travel Platform or (b) the US $100.00. In addition to any other rights or remedies available to travellers and without any liability whatsoever, travel times can, at any time and without warning, terminate or limit your access to any of them.


By accepting our T&C, you agree to defend and compensate Traveltymes that you age with associates, partners, joint companies and/or their respective vendors and all of their respective members, directors, administrators, staff, and agents against and against any lawsuits, causes of action, lawsuits, recoveries, injuries, damages, fees, penalties or other costs or expenses. You often age of some type of form, including but not limited to fair legal and accounting costs.

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if you have any complaint regarding the Site or to receive further information regarding the use of the Site, please contact us at info@traveltymes.com