Special Assistance

Information for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility

If you have a any kind of disability, for example because of age or temporary injury, in that case airline may help you with many free of cost services at airport and on board of the flights within the United States. TravelTymes have put together this document to provide answers to questions you may have about your journey and about travel with special assistance, which will help you book with confidence. TravelTymes strongly encourage you to read the policy of the operating carrier regarding customers with disabilities.

Who should I contact if I need special assistance?

We at TravelTymes strongly recommend you contact the airports and airline directly to request for special assistance you required before departure date, to ensure such special assistance is available. If you facing any issue by contacting airlines or airports we are here available for you to assist you and please call us at 1844-444-7007, and we will endeavour to notify the airport and the airlines of your request for special assistance. It is important that you give the airlines and the airports the right and complete information about your requirement of special assistance for your smooth journey.

Will I need someone to travel with me?

It's possible that to keep in mind of your safety airline may deny for the special assistance In order to meet safety requirements or require you to travel with a companion for your own safety and that of other passengers.

Generally, the people who are likely to need a companion are those who:

The people who have a learning or cognitive disability which prevents them from understanding or reacting to safety instructions or are both blind and deaf so they are unable to understand and react to safety instructions or have a disability that prevents them from moving without assistance.

Below are some of the points that airline people check before they give approval for special assistance.

  • Fasten and unfasten your seat belt?
  • Leave your seat and get yourself to an emergency exit (this does not need to be by walking)?
  • Put on an oxygen mask?
  • Feed yourself?
  • Lift yourself from a passenger seat to an on-board wheelchair?
  • Use the toilet facilities unaided?
  • Administer your own medicine?
  • Breath without being reliant on supplementary oxygen?

Important Note: If you do need a travel companion, that person must be over 18 years old and physically capable of helping you in an emergency. Such person can travel with a maximum of 2 passengers requiring additional special assistance during travel.

Wheelchair Users and Mobility Aids

It's really important and your responsibility to provide enough information about your wheelchair/mobility aid and batteries prior to your journey. Airlines policies on carrying wheelchairs and mobility aids can be found on their websites or by calling the airline directly or by contacting TravelTymes at 18444-444-7007. In addition, under the Air Carrier Access Act and Department of Transportation rules that implement it, domestic and international airlines must provide boarding, deplaning and connecting assistance, including both personal and equipment, to passengers with disabilities.


In case you require a stretcher are not carried on-board. For other airlines, please contact the airline directly or contact TravelTymes at 1844-444-7007 for special assistance.


Most of the airlines do not allow a Passenger to carry their own personal oxygen while travelling, but in that case, passengers can request the same from airline.


If passengers carrying medical syringes or needles must carry a doctor's prescription or a confirmation of medical requirement. Please read the following important advice carefully about travelling with medication.

TravelTymes recommend to all the passengers to carry enough medical supplies to cover up the journey and for 2-3 days use upon arrival.

In addition, kindly be aware that some medication may contain ingredients that are illegal in other countries. You are advised to check with the Embassy of the country before making plan for a trip.

Keeping medication cold

Important note: Onboard fridge cannot be used to keep medication cold, (for example, insulin used for diabetes). However, passengers can carry a cool bag for medicine.

Liquid medication in hand luggage

The amount of liquid medication you are permitted to take in your hand luggage is subject to current security advice. Please visit http://www.dot.gov for the latest information

Hearing impaired

If any passenger has hearing impaired and require assistance, please contact TravelTymes or the airline directly (see the "Who should I contact" section above). If required, an airport assistance can be provided to and from the airline. All airlines offer separate briefing or subtitled in flight safety video about safety procedures for deaf and hard of hearing customers on-board.

Visually impaired

Passenger who are blind or visually impaired and are unable to travel without assistance you may need to travel with a care provider who must purchase a seat. The assistance that airlines offer visually impaired passengers may include an escort to and from the airline, individual safety briefings, and assistance during the flight. Please contact the airline or call TravelTymes for specific details.


Few airlines policies dictate that passengers who have had a recent miscarriage may fly provided that they have had no bleeding or pain for at least 24 hours prior to the date of travel. A letter should be obtained from the passenger's GP.

Broken limbs

If any passenger plaster cast must have been set in place for over 48 hours for legs and 24 hours for arms. In the case of a full leg plaster, where the leg cannot be bent, in that case two (2) additional seats must be required.


Seating for the dependent on the person's level of mobility, assistance may be used or alternatively a fixed armrest seat will be used if this is sufficient. The airline will help to ensure that any accompanying person is seated next to the person.

Extra Seats

If passengers have purchased an extra seat due to your size, please contact TravelTymes or the airline directly to ensure the airline is aware.

If passenger has any disability, that the appropriate enquiries are made about the suitability of particular accommodation, resorts, transport and services and that you are fully satisfied you have made the correct choice before you book and confirm your holiday. If in doubt, please contact us. Please note: if special arrangements need to be made for you, the airline or vendor may charge an additional fee over and above the price of your ticket. These fees are assessed by the airline, hotel, car Rental Company or airport and TravelTymes has no control the charging of these additional service fees. Such fees may be charged prior to departure or upon your arrival at the airport, hotel, etc according to vendor policy.