About Us

We are based in Stamford, Connecticut USA. for traveller’s and services all over the globe. It all started with a dream of traveling all around the world at an affordable price. We made the dream bigger for all the traveller’s around the globe. We became fascinated with the idea of discovering traveling through a traveller’s eyes. Traveling is the only way to discover new places in a new way.


Our 24/7 dedicated team of customer service agents help you to make our other travel products. You can trust us on your next trip planning for a hassle-free travel experience.

Whatever a holiday package, a honeymoon package, a solo trip, TravelTymes connect people to unique travel experiences globally at any price point. We are presenting ourselves with world-class customer care services and a growing community of users.

TravelTymes is a global destination that values its customer, embraces every destination, and delights in the travel experience. We are a leading online travel booking agency that provides a range of choices for hotels, flights, cruises, trains, buses, and cars for travellers. We have built an extensive hotel network that gives our customers a fabulous choice of accommodation. Our far-reaching flight network helps you to connect thousands of cities around the globe. Our core value differentiator is the most core value experienced in terms of quickest search and booking and fastest payments, settlement for refund process as well. Most importantly, we started to provide a whole traveling package at an affordable price that saved your money. We cut out all the hassle-free traveling and get a tailor-made traveling plan just for you.